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Science Courses

Welcome to the WID-TVC STEM Initiative (STEMi)


Our efforts have been supporting schools and communities across North Alabama for 10+  years. We provide sponsorship of numerous technical teams and competitions, as well as many industry professional volunteers for career panels, mock interviews, technical competition judges, technical speakers, and many other STEM events.


We have a passion for enabling children of our community to experience STEM activities, explore hands-on, meet STEM professionals, and expand their minds regarding potential STEM careers. We support K through college ages.  


Our Focus: We observe the disproportionate number of males versus females choosing STEM paths.  We serve girls and boys, but ensure we provide an intentional focus on girls. We are also aware that underserved children in our community tend to gain less exposure to STEM, so we place an intentional focus on serving these children.  


Our Team: Our STEM Committee has grown to 14 members, including representatives from excellent partner companies. With these partnerships, we have expanded our reach and what we’re able to accomplish. 

We have so many volunteers wanting to help that we created a STEM Industry Volunteer distribution list to support local school/organization requests. Over 75 professionals have joined us in our support. If you are interested in helping us either as an active Committee Member or as a volunteer, please reach out to our Director on the LEADERSHIP page. Committee members may be male or female but must be WID members. Members and non-members are welcome to join our STEM Industry Volunteer list.  


For information on upcoming or past STEMi events, please see our EVENTS page.


Our 2024 STEMi Committee:

Director – Stephanie Casey, Deltek


  • Kim Nelson – Delta Solutions  & Strategies

  • Wendy Tarkowski – Avion Solutions

  • Celia Lee – Intuitive Research & Technology Corp

  • Emily Jones – Aerojet Rocketdyne

  • Jacqueline Martin – Missile Defense Agency (STEM Outreach Director)

  • Kathleen Smallwood – NDIA (Director of Education)

  • Keithe Eaton – Blue Origin

  • Jill Mellott – Emergent Performance Solutions

  • Bonni McKinney – PeopleTec

  • Natasha Parker – Technology Service Corporation

  • Meaghan Clark – Interfuze

  • Kathy Wilson – First Command Financial Services

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